My name is Kate Carlton and I’m a photographer in Colorado Springs.

I specialize in work as a wedding photographer, portrait photographer and am known to also capture maternity through birth stories. People would describe my work as Romantic and with Soul.

I have made it my mission to spoil the people I meet with kindness, and for you to be able to look at the images I take of you with pride.  

Message me! I can't wait to meet you and create the most wonderful portraits of you.

Kate Carlton  ::  719-238-5959

"I would give Kate 10 stars (out of 5) if I could. She puts her whole heart into every shoot and it shows. She photographed our engagement, maternity, birth, first 24 and newborn. I can't go one day without looking at at least one photo she has taken. Our birth photos make me cry every single time and I'll cherish her work forever. She's just incredible!" -Julia E.

Journey with me

I love getting to know people and their story in life; that is my inspiration. I know what it feels like to want to feel and match internal beauty with a beauty on the outside and so I connect with my clients in a personal way to get to know them and intuitively pick up on what it is that makes them feel beautiful about themselves and bring that out in their story of images. The creative and nurturing side of me is able to be filled and my love for my family and kind people on the planet keep me going constantly.  


When you meet me, you will probably get that cozy feeling you get when you meet a nice looking stranger on a train and they invite you back to their house in a town you have never been to and they feed you their favorite local dish and tell stories and drink wine and coffee sitting on beautiful old rugs and you become the best of friends who check in on each other for the rest of time... I tend to keep my clients as I do my friends and they have me document their life story. Every part of it. Starting with engagement, wedding, maternity, birth, or first 48, newborn and then family sessions every year… so please, journey with me.

"Kate was equal parts hilarious, warm, and gifted! She made two awkward individuals feel comfortable and at ease. Her style is unique and the results were beautiful! ... She has so much talent and loveliness, and a great sense of adventure-- could not have asked for a better experience!" -Stephanie M.

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