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About Me

Hey there! I'm Kate Carlton, a Colorado Springs based and destination photographer. 

I am best known for photographing weddings, portraits and documentary style events like births and first-48-hour sessions.

I also travel each year and work with international nonprofit organizations creating stunning photo stories of inspirational people and the organizations they work for.  

My clients see me as gracious, patient, experienced and accepting. My friends and family describe me as driven, passionate, intuitive, nurturing, earthy and safe.  My mom says I’m deep and logical. Haha! Love you mama. 


I have been a professional photographer for six years. Since 2011 I’ve photographed hundreds of people starting with their weddings and continuing with their growing families. I would love to photograph you, too!   

Native and Foreign

I was born in Chicago, but moved to Colorado Springs when I was young. I went to Steele Elementary School, North Junior High, and Palmer High School. I’m an “Old North End” kid all the way! Even now, you might find me working at Colorado College

I have been traveling internationally for almost half of my life. My love for traveling started when I was in high school and I took my first trip to Costa Rica in Central America. Every year, now, I go out on assignment with international NGO's and support local and worldwide non-profit organizations.

My heart is balanced between loving on budding families and connecting with inspiring people around the globe in humanitarian work. I could never leave either for long. 

A connected observer, I pride myself on being a thoughtful photographer that embraces the journey in this adventure we call life. Both the highest highs and the hard stuff. I specialize in photographing people who appreciate each precious and fleeting moment. 


Fun Kate Facts

  • I love riding bicycles. At one time in my life I owned 12 bikes (a type for every occasion) and my garage looked like a bike shop. 

  • I believe there are few feelings greater than being at an airport or packing your car for a road trip; the world is open to you.

  • My dad lived in Nigeria, Africa and did all the cooking growing up. Staple meals in my house included things like ground nut stew and every kind of curry.  I didn’t even try meatloaf or corndogs until I was in my late 20’s!

  • I eloped with my husband. Bare-footed, we stopped passersby to be our witnesses after petitioning a judge for a same-day license.

  • I love the theater (Theaterworks season ticket holders!) and local concerts.

  • My great grandmother's lake cottage in Michigan is still in our family and is my place of pure peace.

  • I thrive as part of a community and love on my clients like I would those in my family.

  • I believe in documenting life as therapy. I find that you don't know your own strength or beauty until you see yourself through another’s lens.

I'd love to get to know you better. Write me a note.  I can't wait to meet you and get lost in your story.

Based in Colorado, I do photography sessions locally and world wide. Let's add to my lists!

Nationally I have photographed couples and families in 15 of the United States! I'd love to travel to you. 

Internationally I have photographed couples and families in 9 international countries; from Mexico to Austria I will go with you to your dream location and create amazing portraits for a lifetime!

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From running around the yard slaying dragons with my kids to mountaintop kisses with my sweet husband, I believe in life’s extraordinary, ordinary adventures. Life really is a beautiful, wild, heart-thumping thing.

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