Maddox’s Second Birthday

I am a party person, I always have been. I used to put on parties for my little sister for her birthday and wouldn’t even consult her with the theme! It would just be a happy surprise. Its funny, I have seen some of her friends now that they are older and they have told me some of those were the most epic parties they had ever been to. So now that I have my own little one to party plan for I pull out all the DIY I can possibly muster up in me to give him the best parties ever. This year for Maddox’s second birthday he had a Camping Theme. We camped a lot this summer and he just loved everything about it and so did we. It seemed like a natural fit.  So we made a tree in our house with butcher paper and construction paper. Yes, really. I put out lots of fun camp food like ants on a log, “fish bait” and trail mix. There was a group scavenger hunt and all the kiddos had to find specific items around the house together as a group and then they all got to take those things home in their personal goodie bags. We finished up with the movie Brother Bear and had gluten and dairy free dirt cups for dessert. We also had Hot Toddy’s for the adults!  Then we roasted marshmallows and hotdogs in our backyard. It was such a wonderful day no one wanted to leave.  I can’t believe my kiddo is TWO!

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